New Blue Jays Jerseys Designed By Sports Connection World Famous!!

Obviously a successful team is a result of hard work, dedication, hours and hours of training and dicipline. Some us have the drive in us, and some love the couch and like being the weekend warrior. Regardless of what team you’re on we can all LOOK pro!

Sports Connection sat down with Shane Dirk and to talk about his team. He came in with an idea and with the help of Sports Connection and Jango that idea became one of the most talked about jerseys on the internet thanks to a Twitter photo from Jesse Unrath. (  The Element Blue Jays have the HOTTEST jersey in sport right now because of the upcoming design of the new Toronto Blue Jays jersey (which will look suprisingly similar to the Element Blue Jays)

Not only can we make you look like pro’s but the pro’s will want to look like YOU!! If you have an idea in your head we’ll make it a reality. Come in and talk to one of the Matt’s and we can discuss design options for you and your team and help you create your own franchise. Good or bad, pro or beer league, everyone wants to wear a jersey they can have bragging rights with. For more info contact us and or visit