What You Need To Know Before You Shop For Your Gear This Spring!

While working in a premier sporting goods store is an amazing way to earn a living, many people don’t realize just how difficult it can be to create the perfect atmosphere where, to the customer, shopping there just feels “right”.

 At Sports Connection Source for Sports, over 20 years in the business has given us the insight and experience to identify and adopt the 3 key ingredients that has made us Southern Alberta’s #1 sporting goods retailer:

  1. Service
  2. Selection
  3. Value


 We spare no expense to identify, employ and train our staff to be the most qualified  equipment fitting experts in the industry. Our corporate culture has a single minded focus on developing and nurturing relationships with our customers. It is our belief that our success is entirely dependent on satisfied customers becoming advocates/champions of Sports Connection Source for Sports.


 Our buying team travels around the country to meet with suppliers throughout the year to preview new products offered by the sporting goods industry. When you see a piece of equipment stocked on our shelves, you can be assured that it has passed through a rigorous testing process and meets the standards of excellence required by our in house purchasing experts. Over the last 20 years, our relationship with our customers has evolved to the point where they can have the peace of mind in knowing that if a piece of equipment is on our shelves, it will live up to and often exceed their expectations.


 We firmly believe in offering our products and services to our customers at a fair and equitable price. As a member of Source for Sports, our immense buying power allows us to offer big “box store” prices. However, as a locally owned resident of your community, Sports Connection Source for Sports is able to provide something in the “value” equation that can’t be found at the box stores – expertise and service. With decades of experience, we play and know the game. Our 100% guaranteed fit policy provides our customers with confidence in knowing that Sports Connection Source for Sports is Southern Alberta’s #1 sporting goods retailer!