Try Before You Buy!! Slo-Pitch Bat Demo Available!!

It’s Slo-Pitch season and you need a new bat. The problem is what bat should you buy? It seems every year people claim to know what the HOT bat is for the season. The problem is everyone has a different bat that they claim is the “best”. So how do you know which bat is right for you? Are you a place hitter or do you swing for the fences? Do you swing to early or too late? Which weight is right for you? Do you like a one piece or two piece bat? There are so many different questions and factors. How can you possibly know what to pick unless you try it first?.

After a brain storming session in the Sports Connection WarRoom we’ve come up with a solution to the problems players face year in year out. We now offer our Bat Demo Program. This program allows a potential buyer to use a bat before they buy it. We have a selection of this season’s hottest bats that you can sign out for a night. This will give you or your team a chance to try the bats and see which bat and weight will be best suited for you. Feel the different sweet spots and different balances that some bats have to offer. Of course our staff play the game and have used many of the bats we sell and can make suggestions and recommendations to find a bat that will bring YOUR game to the next level.

For more information pop in to the store or call us!! 403-529-6130