The Reebok A.I 9……………. What Kind OF New Technology Does Reebok Bring To The One Piece Table?


Reebok just released their latest and comst technological stick to date, the Ai9 hockey stick.

The Reebok Ai9 stick has some interesting new technology incorporated into it as well. The front of the shaft will actually be two times stiffer than the backside. For example, if you are a right-handed shot, the part of the stick which faces the net as you shoot will be stiffer. This will result in a quicker snap and recoil when taking shots.

In terms of blade technology, the new Reebok Ai9 will feature a pure fiber blade that is actually the lightest blade ever made by Reebok/CCM. In fact, the Reebok Ai9 blade will be 10 grams lighter. The decreased weight will, of course, change the balance point of the stick. The blade also features a cool multi-texture look where you can actually see the pure fiber weave.

The Reebok Ai9 stick has a great look to it and is loaded with bar deezy technology. It will, of course, come in a grip or matte finish. The corners will also have a bit of a textile feel to it for added control and grip

Check out the video below for more info from Matt Brassard