Protection Of The Future With The Style Of The Past! Bauer RE-AKT Helmet Has It All

Bauer Hockey has unveiled the Bauer RE-AKT helmet. The first hockey helmet specifically designed to help manage rotational impacts, the Bauer RE-AKT helmet features a true, free-floating suspension liner that moves independently from the VERTEX FOAM liner (see below), which helps protect the brain from excessive intra-cranial movement. The new elite helmet also features a two-piece shell design and central tool-free adjustment to ensure proper fit, which is the most important aspect in protecting players of all levels.

The Bauer RE-AKT two piece shell also allows adjustments to fit different head shapes. The vents on the helmet were placed strategically for increased air flow, helping to keep your head at an optimal temperature throughout game play. To help keep your head locked in place, Bauer has used the occipital lock 3.0 adjustment feature, located in the back inside portion of the helmet. The occipital lock also helps to ensure a great fit.

To touch more on the liner. Bauer RE-AKT helmet features a vertex foam liner. The vertex foam is much lighter than the EPP foams typically used in helmets, but offers improved impact management. To help with comfort, as well as protection, Bauer has placed memory foam pads along the temples. This will provide a more custom fit for your head, as well as increasing comfort as you wear it.

The new RE-AKT helmet will also feature MICROBAN antibacterial protection. This is going to help keep your helmet smelling fresher for a longer period of time, and is also going to make it resistant to bacteria and mildew growth (bacteria eats away the glue and foams). Things like odor and bacteria protection are becoming increasingly important for the consumer, and Bauer is keeping up with demand by implementing antibacterial protection on several of its new products this year.

Bauer has moved the size adjustments from the sides to the back making this a more narrow, streamlined look





In terms of design, the RE-AKT was inspired by the classic 4500 helmet, but was updated to have a more modern appeal not to mention upgraded protection.  A majority of NHL player still wear the 4500 to this day due to its look rather than protection.


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