Bauer Scores Again With Supreme Total One NXG!!

Two years ago Bauer released the Bauer Supreme Total One line.  This was a HUGE success. Why change a good thing right? That’s why Bauer hasn’t changed anything……. they’ve IMPROVED the near perfect. The new Total One NXG (or Next Generation) has a few upgrades to make this skate the MACK DADDY of the Supreme line. Improvements include;

1. The NEW Curv 3 flex tongue. The composite tongue insert has been made wider with flex breaks on the side for maximum springboard effect when taking your stride. As you flex forward the skate responds and lets you spring back. It also reduces lacebite and provides 100% comfort.

2. The outer shell has some beefed up hits to improve durability (mainly on the heel and toe)

3. A new flex zone tendon guard has be added  to maximize skaters potential byopening up the stride and provide maximum leg extension and range of motion by 5 degrees. The new tendon guard also reduces the weight by using new patented technology.




1) Total Edge Comfort- Upper padding on the throat of the skate reduces the risk of abrasions and discomfort.

2) Tuuk LS Fusion Blade- The ultra lite, and amplified feel of this steel fuses aluminum and steel together to reduce weight 27%

3) Anaform CURV composite material combined with Thermoforming = A true 360 degree fit.


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