Kip Simon, Co-Founder and President of 22Fresh, started the company out of sheer necessity. The former WBL player debuted the label in 2007, with one item up to bat – a technical baseball pant. Simon created the pant to meet a specific niche amongst his baseball playing peers, who were looking for a pant with a better fit, cooler look, more comfort and of course… a little bit of sexy. The rest is history.

Having hit a home run with the peak fitting pro-fit pant, Simon’s vision didn’t end there. Running alongside the pro-fit pant was a top. Not your average top mind you, but a 22Fresh t-shirt. A tee rooted in cutting edge style, athletic appeal and fashion fit. Now a 22Fresh staple, it gave way to a fresh new line of tees, hoodies and accessories in the hottest colours, fabrics and fit for both on and off the field. The brand is grounded in up to the minute style and being ahead of the curve, with an urban cool twist that yanks it from simple sportswear to “gotta have it now” streetwear cache. The very appeal of the 22Fresh line extends beyond its connection with the freedom and excitement of a great ballgame. It represents the true spirit of the individual who considers himself unique, plugged-in and most of all Fresh when it comes to style.

22Fresh is clothing with a non-traditional edge that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its exclusive brand positioning wedges itself unapologetically between sports and lifestyle, responding to today’s overlapping target markets and broadening customer appeal. With a strong  presence and a healthy social media following, 22Fresh has grabbed the attention of the baseball super-elite in the likes of Michael Morse, Bryce Harper and Logan Morrison.

How fresh are you??