Store Renovation Almost Complete!

The month of May has been a period of renovation and expansion at Sports Connection Source For Sports. We are adding a 1500 square foot  showroom that will allow us to solidify our position as the #1 supplier of teamwear and apparel in Southern Alberta.

A member of our team and corporate sales specialists would be thrilled to give you a tour of our new showroom.

 If you are looking for a distinctive look for your team or association, our graphic design staff can provide you with eye popping images that are sure to set you apart from the rest of the pack.Choose from a massive selection of jackets, tracksuits, hoodys, golf shirts and hats from the best suppliers in the industry. We’ve painstakingly built our repuation on providing over the top customer service that consistently exceeds what you expect and deserve.

Our tried and true Precision Fit System takes the guesswork out of placing apparel orders for large groups. With the aid of our team experts, browse at your leisure through our vast selection of styles, colors and select an appropriate range of fitting stock touse in  sizing your team or organization. If   you’re not comfortable with the process, a member of our staff can arrange a fitting appointment to help eliminate any stress. We can even provide sizing forms to help eliminate sizing errors.

 If your business needs an improved presence in today’s competitive marketplace, we can help!  Our team can show you a broad array of promotional products and corporate apparel that will give your firm the distinctive look you deserve. Golf balls, pens, key chains, golf shirts, hats- you name it, we’ve got it! We invite you to come down and visit our newly renoavted 10,000 square foot facility. See for yourself how the team at Sports Connection Source For Sports can help you deliver game changing results.

Have Your Skates Fit Like The Pros With FREE Custom Fitting!

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk feet. When buying a pair of skates the most important thing you can do is to buy one that FITS your foot. I don’t just mean heel to toe, I mean a real custom fit. Any joker can take the measuring gauge, grab a size 8 from the back, put it on your foot and ask you how it feels. Feeling is nothing, fit is everything.

 The most important part of skate fitting is achieving good heel lock. The heel dictates what skate will fit your foot. Poor heel lock causes blistering, pump bumps, heel spurs and total lack of energy transfer which will result in poor performance. So a wide heel skate may “feel” great out of the box, but once you get on the ice and use for a while, it may be a whole different story.

 There are two types of heel shapes, straight and pronounced. (See image below) A straight heel is exactly as it sounds, the tendon is straight with the heel. A pronounced heel has a distinct curve or contour. Matching your heel to the right model of skate can be a tricky exercise, but it’s so important to get the right heel fit as it determines the effectiveness of the overall skate fit!

 Once we’ve found out what heel shape you are then we look at forefoot width to aid in the fitting process (See image above).  There are generally three widths of skates – narrow, regular and wide. Bear in mind that that just because you have a wide forefoot, doesn’t mean you need a wide skate. It all depends on the width of your heel! It’s quite easy for a fit professional manipulate the walls of the skate boot to accommodate unusual bone protrusions in the forefoot area.

   The next part of the foot we look at is the instep- or in skate fitting terminology, boot depth (See image below). If the instep is not fit properly it could cause major damage to your foot and skate. A skate that is to shallow for your foot will result in lace bite. Lace bite is the result of the laces digging into the tendons and veins on the top of the foot which in turn cuts off the circulation to the foot (painful indeed). Similarily, if the skate is too deep for the  foot that will result in a sloppy fit and encourage the player to overcompensate by tying the skate too tight, again leading to the dreaded lace bite scenario.

 Once the heel is fit, that’s when the custom process begins. A true professional will fit the heel then heat fit the skate and then make any adjustment via boot press (stretch or punch), underfoot support, blade alignment, or contouring. Stretching and punching the skate will minimize the “break in” period and make the skate feel game ready. A bit a patience is usually needed to get the perfect fit. It may take a couple skates and some additional boot work but eventually that skate will become perfect.

 Now that you know what you should expect when you are shopping for skates, make sure you don’t settle for anything less than a pair of skates that feel like a second layer of skin. Skates are a huge investment and are your most important piece of equipment.  Whether you’re playing competitively or you’re a beer league superstar, fit is everything. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still have a custom fit skate. The best skate is not necessarily the most expensive, it’s the one that fits best.

 So if your skates are giving you blisters, aches, pains, feeling sloppy or are just beaten up and ready to be replaced come in and talk to one of our skate fitting professionals that are always on site.  Let us analyze your foot and deliver you game changing results!

May the Force be with you,


Never Have a Bad Sharpening Again! Find out how.

Many people who come through our shop ask the same question. “What is the best sharpening?” Our answer to that is, which ever one helps you perform your best.

 The world of sharpening doesn’t have to be as complicated as one may think. There is two factors to sharpening. Glide (speed) and bite (grip). Glide refers to the speed and smoothness in which a skate travels along the ice. Bite refers to how much friction or edge that makes contact with the ice. You may hear people say “I like my skates dull” What they mean is they like a lot of glide and don’t like there edges biting into the ice. On the flip side you might hear people say “I like super sharp skates.” They like the bite they feel when they stride”.

Hollow Chart

There is no right and wrong way. It’s based on preference, however statistics in the NHL show that 47% of players skate on ½” hollow and the next popular is 5/8”. The flatter the hollow the more speed and glide a player with get. More speed = leaving other players in your dust.

 There is a newer sharpening technology out there called Flat Bottom V. Instead of having a “U” shaped hollow there is more of a “V” shape with a flat interior with two “fangs” for edges. With the inside being flat it allows the steel to glide on top of the ice, as opposed to biting into the ice like a traditional hollow. It is a different feel, but it is quick to adapt, and after a couple laps you’ll learn to trust your edges. The result? Not having to sacrifice edge for more glide.

Spraying the tendy

Ice surface plays a huge role in choosing the best hollow. If you’re playing on hard ice (colder arena) you may feel you want to have a bit of a deeper hollow due to the steel not biting as much into the harder surface, whereas if you are playing on soft ice it would be the opposite.

There is a third factor to sharpening and it’s called the finish. After a skate is sharpened the steel should have a “mirror” like finish. Any imperfections on the finish (nicks, grain lines, burn marks) will cause “chatter” and completely alter the feel of the ice in a very negative way.

Clappy McBardown

I hope this helps answer some of your questions about sharpening. The next time our associates ask “What kind of hollow would you like” don’t say “Whatever, it doesn’t matter” take the time to ask “What should I have?” And we’ll be glad to help you find the right sharpening for you. It’s just one of the ways we deliver you game changing results!!

May the Force be with you

Chabby Wan Kenobe






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