More Than Just A Piece Of Wood!

There are so many different types of bats on the market. Composite exploded onto the scene and has become very popular, but a lot of leagues and academy’s are going back to wood bats. Wood bats are for the baseball purest. Many coaches and pro’s feel that hitting with a wood bat is the best way to develop batters. Smaller sweet spots on wood bats pushes the batter’s accuracy and timing to the limits. It’s an amazing piece of equipment but real the question is………….. HOW IS IT MADE?

What The Other Guys Can’t Do When You’re Looking For A New Ball Glove……..

Steam is what got the Ball rolling when the early settlers first laid track for the Canadian Pacific Railway.  Over a hundred years later we now look back to the wonders of steam to utilize it’s fantastic capabilities, to soften and customize your ball glove to your preference of shape, and softness.  With this ancient technology being brought back through the amazing Mizuno Glove Steamer machine, our Mizuno Trained Glove specialists can re-shape new pockets or bring life back to old weather beaten mitts.  Within five short minutes your newly purchased or current glove will in fact magically become game ready!  When you’re spending any time out in the diamond the less energy you put towards thinking about your glove will translate to more focused energy on catching the ball and making the play. With a steamed glove customized to your specs for fit, feel, and shape, you’ll be ensured a phenomenal experience while wearing a Cow, Bison, or Kangaroo on your hand!

In order for the glove to maintain the shape and softness Mizuno has developed a “Magical Soft” solution to apply to the glove before entering it into the steamer.  What this does to the leather is prepares it for the weather and elements it’ll be facing throughout its life.  Sealing the small pores, and helping to reduce water damage, it will extend the life span of the mitt.  Immediately after the glove has been removed from the steamer machine it’s ready to be shaped and worked in.  Every bit of the glove can be reshaped, flex points can be altered and pockets can be made far deeper or more shallow than before.  One area that can really improve the feel and performance lies within the outside fingers by maintaining the strength and rigidity of these areas the chances that those hard to reach tosses or hits will stay within your grasp.

The time frame to have your mitt steamed and shaped is less than 10 minutes! After that you’ll be ready to hit the field wearing a glove that fits, well, like a glove. 

Jade Triebwasser

Retail Services Coordinator.

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Ever Wonder How A Baseball Glove Is Made?

It’s a warm summer evening. You rush home from work or school, fill your belly full of BBQ, grab your gear and head to the diamond. There’s no other place you’d rather be than getting dusty and swattin skeeters! You take the field (center of course) and wait for that first batter. “No Neck” Magirk steps up and he’s a beauty, so you move back ten steps. He steps to the plate and crushes one deep. You start high stepping it back to the fence. The moment that ball starts speeding down toward you, everyone’s eyes are on your glove and you think “I sure hope whoever made this glove knew what they were doing”……………..

…………. the ball slaps the pocket of your glove and immediately closes because it was instantly broken in by the boys at Sports Connection using the Mizuno Glove Steamer . You get tripped up and do a few rolls on the ground. When you come to a stop you stand up and hold that glove high with the ball peaking out to show everyone your amazing grab. The whole field and sidelines are cheering and giving you a standing “O”. It’s then you realize it’s not the ball in your glove they’re cheering for, you lost your pants bout 15 steps ago ya DUMMY!

You play your sports…..We Deliver Game Changing Results………………. and yes we sell belts!

Do You Have The Right Glove? Everything You Need To Know About Fitting A Baseball Glove!!

The snow is melting, days are getting longer, potholes are all over the place. That can only mean one thing…..  spring is creeping up and it’s time to knock the dust off the cleats oil up the glove and stock up on Spitz. Oh no!!! The glove was left out all winter, the dog chewed it, the cat decided the litterbox was too “primative” and now you need a new glove. Well here’s everything you need to know when looking for the new one.

Choosing a Baseball Glove

A number of factors are involved in choosing a baseball glove to meet your needs, including size, your position and your budget.

 Your Position: Baseball Gloves come in different shapes and sizes based on the position they will be used for. For example, pitchers gloves and infield gloves are generally smaller than an outfielder’s glove, and first baseman’s gloves and catchers mitts are unique unto themselves. 

 Your Budget:  Baseball gloves range in price from under $20 for base models, to over $200 for high end gloves. Quality baseball gloves generally cost a bit more, but will last longer. If you expect to get heavy use out of your baseball glove, it may be less expensive in the long run to spend a few dollars more on a glove that will last. Additionally, younger players who may quickly outgrow their baseball glove may not want to invest in a high end model.

 The Feel: Make sure to choose a baseball glove that feels right for you. If the glove is uncomfortable, it may affect your performance in the field. 

 Your Age / Size of the Glove:  Baseball gloves come in many different sizes made to fit different ages, positions and game (baseball/softball gloves). Gloves are measured by their “pattern size”, a measurement from the heel of the glove (by your wrist) to the top of the glove on the palm side (near your fingers). Youth gloves range from 9″ (very small) to about 12″.  Adult gloves usually fall in the 12″-13″ range.

 General Sizing Guidelines:

 Adult Gloves:

 Outfielders – 12″-13″ gloves

 Infielders & Pitchers 10 ½ ” – 12″ gloves

 Adult Softball Gloves: 12″ – 14″


 Youth baseball gloves should be chosen carefully – a common mistake is to buy a big glove for a little kid. This often results in a younger child with a huge glove on their hand that they can’t even close. Youth sizes range from 9″-12″. 8 year olds can often use 11″ gloves, while 11-12 year olds often may fit into 12″ gloves.

 Types of Webs & Backs

 Open Web: Preferred by Outfielders and Third Basemen
Closed Web: Preferred by Middle Infielders and Pitchers
Open & Closed Back: Individual Preference, though middle infielders usually like open back.

 Gloves By Position:

 Catchers Gloves: They are heavily padded and are not used at any other position.

 First Base Gloves (Trappers): First basemen’s gloves resemble a catchers mitt in that they are heavily padded. They are also longer in order to help the first basemen more easily field balls.

 Infield Gloves: Infield gloves are smaller gloves (generally 10 1/2 ” – 12″) so that the fielder can easily pull the ball out of the glove and throw it. Too large of a glove would result in increased time needed to retrieve the ball and throw it to base.

Outfielders Gloves: Outfielders gloves are larger and longer (12″ +) , to provide fielders with the greatest possible advantage at catching fly balls.

So whether you’re looking to spend $50 or $500 come in and talk to one of our baseball junkies and we’ll make sure you leave the best possible glove for your hand.  We also offer custom pocket shaping with our Mizuno Glove Steamer to give you a game ready glove EVERYTIME!!

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Do Your Feet Hurt? Find Out How To Turn Sore Feet Into Superfeet!


Superfeet have become the most talked about product in our hockey shop, and anyone who owns a pair knows the importance and benefits they provide.  What people may not know is they are used for more than just skates.

Superfeet are a fitting tool our skate professionals use to give our customers the best possible fit right out of the box.  Whether you are buying a high end skate for the professional athlete or a skate for the weekend warrior, Superfeet is a must.

Without support, note excessive pronating

With support, note how squared up heels and ankles become

Let’s touch base on skates for a minute.  This amazing product has been designed to fit into any skate and will fit any foot.  They provide 8 different sizes for skates alone and when you  combine that with our professional skate fitters, you have a winning combination.  Many of you might ask the questions “how do I know if I need Superfeet?” or “will Superfeet make a difference for me?”  The answer is yes and yes.  If you have ever had sore feet, numb toes, sore ankles, sore knees, and even a sore back, this product will help you play the game you love without any  pain.  For the athlete that does not have any of the above, the questions can be asked “how will I benefit from Superfeet” and the answer is simple.  Everyone who plays hockey, ringette and figure skates all want to skate faster and be stronger on their skates and this is where Superfeet will take you to the next level.  Come in today and let our professionals further explain the features and benefits of this game changing product.

Without support, note collapsed arches

With support, note how structured the foot becomes

Now let’s talk about how Superfeet can provide support off the ice.  Superfeet is used for more than just skates and I say this because most people spend 12-15 hours on their feet and up to 2-3 hours on their skates, so if you feel great on your skates why not feel great in your shoes.  Yes, I said shoes!  Superfeet provides product for shoes and has over 40 sizes across 6 different styles which equals over 200 different size combinations.  Now you can go wrong with a product designed to fit everyone.  To properly support the foot and align the body, our professional fitters will spend the time to analyze your foot and help pick the product that will match your needs.  I will give you some symptoms of an ideal candidate for Superfeet: 

  • sore feet or ankles after work or exercise
  • sore knees or back after work or exercise
  • can’t wait to take off the shoes
  • adding gel pads for comfort
  • stinky and sweaty feet
  • buying new shoes to get that soft feel back
  • etc, etc, etc

Stop the pain, stop the discomfort and say good bye to putting up with the pain and say yes to a better fit, feel and level of comfort . Say yes to Superfeet and join the millions of others who have said yes to better, healthier feet.  Let us educate you further and allow us to “deliver game changing results” to your sport and to your life. Come in today or call Matt (403-529-6130) if you require further information.

Bauer On Ice Demo!! Shift, Total One, Pro 4 Roll in Action

Sports Connection Source For Sports sales manager Matt Brassard gives an on ice demo of some of the hottest items on Bauer’s roster for the 2011-2012 season.

Bauer Vapor APX Sneak Peak

The Vapor line is following suit with the success of the Total One by offering next generation performance. What i mean by that is the APX will not replace the X:60 it is a completely different level of performance (much like the Total one vs One 100). The Vapor 7.0 will take the place of the X:60 with upgrades of it’s own. Bauer’s Supreme and Vapor platform will have more in common compared to previous generations.  Here are a few things that have been upgraded.

1) Full composite outsole

2) 4 riveted drain holes in the bottom of the skate to help keep excess moisture to a minimum

3) Pro comfort padding on the throat of the skate to reduce abrasion for hard turning, stopping and stride.

4) Fusion steel. Aluminum/Stainless steel hybrid for 30% lighter steel.

5)  Highly moldable ALIVE Composite upper just like the TOTAL ONE skates.

6) X Rib quarter panel to create both stiffness and flexion

6) Slide tongue to keep laces moving to prevent lace bite.

The Graf Empire Strikes Back!!


Things are looking VERY optimistic for Graf and Graf consumers in the 2011 season. Some may have read our blog on the G35X that was released summer of 2010. It was the first of the new GX series of Graf that was tested last year with great success. In addition to the G35X, Graf has added the G5X and the G3X. Here’s a breakdown of the similarities and differences you can expect to find;

 What’s the same? 

Fit– The skates are still being made on the same last, meaning they will fit exactly as their previous models.


 Liner– The popularity of the Graf Airknit liner will stay the same. It’s proved itself to be a superior liner both for performance AND comfort.

 Holders & Steel– The holders and steel will remain a Cobra 5000 holder with Cobra stainless steel runner

 What’s Changed?

 Tongue– Graf has gone with a thinner felt tongue to offer weight reduction as well as comfort.


 Tendon Guard– Reinforced synthetic tendon guards are made to flex both backward and forward without breakage or tearing.

 Quarter panel– The ultra tough layer is a tough armour that stands up to cuts, nicks and “board burns” without adding a ton of weight to the skate.

 Toe Box– The new wider toe box offers a little (but not too much) room for your toes for an out of the box comfort.

 Lipstick– The skates look amazing as you can see for yourself. They don’t need flashy colors or appliqués to catch an eye. A mix of flash and old school grit give these skates a real classic look that’s been kicked up a notch.


 Last but not least is the sneak peak of the G75

 Totally new to Graf is the G75. This is the newest piece of technology Graf has been working on for the last few years. The material looks similar to what “The Big B” is using in their skate and that would be because it is the same. HOWEVER the major difference is the costly construction. The G75 is separated into numerous pieces where “The Big B’s” are a one piece. What does that mean? Graf is known for having different heel stays (or shapes). By cutting the material into multiple pieces allows them to not only create a heel that will lock nearly every foot but also helps tune the skate from bottom to top keeping that softer “Graf” feel around the throat of the skate. The depth of the skate is superb and offers a NEW Microfiber Airknit liner that prevents heel slippage. Graphically we’ll let you be the judge but the fit is UNREAL! Once you put the skate on your foot you’ll never want to take it off.


For more info or questions contact 403-529-6130

Or email

The Bank of Hockey…….. You Only Get Back What You’re Willing To Put In!

Let’s face facts………..Being a high performance hockey player doesn’t begin and end when you step on or off the ice. It begins when you wake up and ends when you go to sleep.. We carry elite level training aids  that help our athletes develop core strength and dominate on and off the rink. We only bring in the best products tested and used by the pro’s. Our sales experts will not only provide you with the right tools to become your best but we will find which training aids are right for you and your game. You deliver performance…………………. We deliver game changing results.

Nike Sparq Training

When was the last time you had to bench press your bodyweight in the middle of a hockey game? The weight room is a good place to spend a bit of time to build up some solid muscle as your base of support on the ice, but a larger portion of your off-ice training should be spent on total-body exercises and drills for the five most important training areas for hockey athletes: Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness (SPARQ).

Using science, technology and innovative training techniques, SPARQ is committed to helping athletes improve these five aspects of their athletic ability so they can take their game to the next level. Every player’s game will benefit from being faster, stronger and more explosive.

Speed vs. QuicknessSpeed vs. Quickness: Speed pertains to the top speed a player can achieve and sustain on ice. Quickness equates to how fast a skater takes off from the line.

 Speed and quickness are often the top-rated areas of improvement most hockey players identify for themselves in the off-ice training realm.

PowerPower: In sports, “power” equates to applying the greatest amount of maximal effort in the shortest amount of time.

  The power in a hockey game comes from the muscles of the core and the lower body. This is your foundation; your muscles need to be very strong and very fast – at the same time. It is not enough to just be strong – an athlete needs that quick, hard explosive power to be effective, especially during a short shift on the ice.

AgilityAgility: The ability to stop, start, and change the direction of the body or body parts explosively and in a controlled manner.

  The drills you go through in practices, whether on or off the ice, are mostly designed to train for agility. In a sense, you are training your brain to send the right signals to your body at the right time, so that you can accelerate, move and change directions at the blink of an eye during the fast pace of a game.

ReactionReaction Time: The time it takes to search for a signal, detect it, interpret its meaning, decide on a response to the signal, and implement the response to the signal.

  Coordination and quick reaction speed are critical in a fast-paced game, so you can read and respond to the quick direction changes of the puck and of your opponents. Reaction training in a hockey athlete’s realm actually pertains to training to improve one’s reaction time. Reaction training, in essence, trains the brain to react quickly to a stimulus (i.e. a puck, a defenseman…).

Agility Web             -$99.99

Speed Chute          -$79.99

Speed ladder          -$49.99

Agility Cone Set      -$24.99

Making a defensemen who took the summer off look like a pylon



For more info please contact 403-529-6130 or visit