Sports Connection SFS Owner Brian Bauman Receives Highest Honor…………………………………….


September 27, 2011








Sports Distributors of Canada, with over 200 members under the Source For Sports®, Source For Adventure®, and sporting goods and outdoor buying group divisions, recently awarded their most prestigious award to one of their members at their AGM held in September inHamilton,Ontario.


Brian Bauman, owner of Sports Connection Source For Sports® in Medicine Hat, Alberta who has been in the group since 1998, was very appreciative of being chosen as the 2011 recipient of the Norm Bodle Memorial Award, which is the organization’s highest honour.  Named after the first managing director of SDC when it was incorporated in 1972, the Norm Bodle Memorial Award is given yearly to the member who is the most supportive of the group, and who encourages and supports other members within the organization.


Sports Connection has been serving theMedicine Hatand surrounding area for 20 years, and has worked closely with leagues and sports associations for many years.


Brian states “It’s a very humbling experience to be chosen by my peers at Sports Distributors of Canada for this award. I consider it an honour and privilege to be a member of the best buying group inCanadaand I’m fortunate to have developed many great friendships with the other members since joining.”  


As well as having his name engraved on the plaque which hangs in the lobby of the SDC headquarters in Burlington, Ontario, Brian has donated the $1,000.00 which accompanies the honour to the Medicine Hat Community Foundation, which provides support in the form of charitable grants in the fields of arts and culture, children and youth, families, education, environment, health and recreation, seniors and social services.


Congratulations to Brian Bauman for this achievement!

HEADZONE!!! Concussion Prevention……………………. IT’S A NO BRAINER!!!!

We have partnered with Keith Primeau, former captain of the Philadelphia Flyers and co-founder of to bring awareness to the issue of concussions in sports and help educate the hockey community.   As part of our initiative with we are launching THE HEADZONE and Helmet Fitting Week at over 150 Source For Sports® stores across Canada September 26th to October 2nd.


Every day is helmet fitting day however we are encouraging every hockey player and their parents to bring their hockey helmet to Sports Connection Source for Sports® during Helmet fitting Week so we can check the helmet for proper fit and to make sure it properly protects.


We don’t care where you bought the helmet.  All we care about is that the helmet fits right and offers maximum protection.  We will check the condition of your helmet and cage as well as assess the fit, replacing any necessary parts all at NO COST to you. 


We look forward to seeing you during helmet fitting week at Sports Connection Source for Sports®, because if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t protect.





The Much Anticipated Reebok 11k Helmet!!!

Designed according to Reebok’s exclusive 5 point safety system, the new 11K  helmet brings fit to whole new level. The new Microdial  II anchoring system provides you with the only 360 degree fit, wrapping the epp foam around the unique shapes of your head and locking the helmet into place. By eliminating gaps and pressure points around your head you can skate confidently knowing that a better fit equals more safety.


The New Microdial II anchoring system provides you with the only 360 degree fit in hockey.


The innovative flexliner system conforms to the unique shape of your head providing a snug fit. (less rocking and gaps)


The fitclips permit easy tooless length adjustment for a custom fit.


The unique composite subshell construction makes this Reebok’s lightest  fully-adjustable helmet.

Try Before You Buy!! Slo-Pitch Bat Demo Available!!

It’s Slo-Pitch season and you need a new bat. The problem is what bat should you buy? It seems every year people claim to know what the HOT bat is for the season. The problem is everyone has a different bat that they claim is the “best”. So how do you know which bat is right for you? Are you a place hitter or do you swing for the fences? Do you swing to early or too late? Which weight is right for you? Do you like a one piece or two piece bat? There are so many different questions and factors. How can you possibly know what to pick unless you try it first?.

After a brain storming session in the Sports Connection WarRoom we’ve come up with a solution to the problems players face year in year out. We now offer our Bat Demo Program. This program allows a potential buyer to use a bat before they buy it. We have a selection of this season’s hottest bats that you can sign out for a night. This will give you or your team a chance to try the bats and see which bat and weight will be best suited for you. Feel the different sweet spots and different balances that some bats have to offer. Of course our staff play the game and have used many of the bats we sell and can make suggestions and recommendations to find a bat that will bring YOUR game to the next level.

For more information pop in to the store or call us!! 403-529-6130

2011 Hockey Preview

Everything You Need To Know About Buying The Right Size Bat!

The comfort of the baseball bat to the hitter is the most important factor in choosing a bat. As with any piece of sports equipment, be it your baseball glove or hockey skates – the more comfortable you are the better. Take a few swings with the bat and try to picture yourself in a game. Better yet, borrow a bat from one of your teammates and see how it feels – a swing in the store doesn’t always feel like a swing at the plate! When choosing a bat for younger players, make sure they can swing the bat without struggling – we’ve all seen the young players struggling to swing bats that are far too big for them.

 Size of the Bat (Length and Weight)

 Another important factor in choosing the right sized baseball bat is the height of the batter. In general, tall batters should use longer bats. Below are two tables with general guidelines for choosing baseball bat length.

 Bat Length Guidelines:

Age Bat Length   or Player Height Bat Length
5-7 24″ – 26″   5′ – 5′ 6″ 32″
8-9 2″-28″   5’6″ – 6′ 33″
10-11 28″-30″   6′ + 34″
11-12 30″-32″      
13-14 31″-32″      
15-16 32″-33″      
17+ 34″      

Worth Sports conducted a study with the University of Arizona, in which they determined the best bat weights for hitters, based on their height. The table below summarizes their findings. Note: Add one ounce for fastpitch softball bats.

 Bat Weight Guidelines:

A. High School & College Baseball  B. Youth League Baseball
(11-12 yrs)
 C. Youth League Baseball
(8-10 yr. olds)
Player Height (in.) Best Bat Wt (oz.) Player Weight (lbs.) Best Bat Wt (oz.) Player Height (in.) Best Bat Wt (oz.)
>66 >27 >70 >18 >48 >16
>68 >27.5 >80 >19 >50 >16.5
>70 >28 >90 >19.5 >52 >17
>72 >29 >100 >20 >54 >17.5
>74 >30 >110 >20.5 >56 >18
>76 >30.5 >120 >21 >58 >18.5
>Formula: Height/3 + 5 >130 >21.5 >60 >19
    >140 >22 >Formula:Height/4 + 4
    >150 >23    
    Formula: Weight/18 + 14  


D. FastPitch Softball(Women)
Player Weight(lbs.) Best Bat Weight (oz.)
100 23
110 24
120 25
130 26
140 26.5
150 27
160 28
170 28.5
180  29
 (Men and Women)
Player Weight(lbs.) Best Bat Weight (oz.)
100 22
120 23
140 24
160 25
180 26
200 27
220 28
230 29
240 30
260  31
280 32
Formula: Weight19 +17

Level of Play & Regulations

The level of play should always be a consideration in choosing a baseball bat, as every level from little league through major league has different regulations regarding what bat sizes and materials are allowed.

Baseball bats are measured using their length to weight ratio, a negative number that represents how many ounces a bat weighs compared to it’s length in inches. For example, a 32 inch bat that weighs 28 ounces is a – 4. The largest ratio is in the range of -12 (for little league bats), while college and high school bats are restricted to a – 3. These restrictions are for safety reasons – a college or high school player swinging a very light bat (- 4 +) would simply have too much power and could pose a danger to other players on the field. Make sure to check the regulations of your league before buying a baseball bat!

Why Are Marucci Bats Used By 300+ MLB Players?

The Marucci Bat Company takes pride in turning top quality wooden baseball bats in the same tradition and precise technique of the earliest bat companies. Every Marucci Bat is cut, calibrated, balanced, buffed and lacquered by hand. The Marucci Bat Company uses top grade Maple billets cut from selected, naturally grown trees in Pennsylvania forests. This selection process insures the highest possible grade of wood for each bat. The Marucci Bat Company bats are 100 percent handmade or turned in small batches from an original design, then finished and detailed by hand. Each model is made to exacting specifications maximizing balance and ease of handling. The Marucci Bat Company uses an Ultra Penetrating Stain that provides the best possible finish for your next Marucci Bat. Most impressive is the Bone Rubbing technique that The Marucci Bat Company uses. `Boning` bats began in the earliest days of baseball with players like Babe Ruth and Lou Gerig. These Hall-of-Famers would spend hours in their dugouts rubbing their bats with old cow femur bones. Bone Rubbing closes the wood`s pores, compressing it and making it harder. Marucci uses the same technique on their bats, rubbing before the finish is applied to seal and harden the wood. Just another example of how Marucci takes the same pride in their bats as our baseball heroes once did. Experience the excellence of a Marucci Bat

Learn About One Of The Most Amazing Technologies Available!

Why Is Composite Technology So Amazing

The trampoline effect, which is common terminology for baseball players, is the phenomenon when the baseball “jumps” off the bat at contact. The stiffer the barrel of the bat, the slower the baseball comes off the bat because it loses energy in the collision. The softer the barrel of the bat, the faster the baseball comes off the bat because it retains its energy applied by the pitcher. The trampoline effect has been experimentally tested, and results show that composite bats outperform all aluminum bats.The reason why composite bats outperform other aluminum bats is that the trampoline effect can essentially be “tuned.” Composite materials have properties that are different in all directions, or anisotropy, which allows the bat manufacturer to design the bat stiff longitudinally (along the handle) and softer circumstantially (around the barrel). This softer barrel allows the ball to come off with small losses in energy while maintaining the stiffness of the bat in the handle.

My New Bat Sucks!

Your new bat doesn’t suck, it needs to be broken in. When a bat is first purchased it is considered a “dead” bat. The more a composite bat is used the “hotter” it becomes. Once the composite materials start to break in the bat softens creating more of a trampoline effect. It’s best when a bat is first purchased to use it as much as possible at a batting cage or in a field with a bucket of balls and some buddies. In no time you’ll be jackin’ bombs

What Does Rolling A Bat Do?

Bat rolling is a process that can add incredible pop and distance to any softball or baseball bat. A bat typically gets hotter after about 500-800 hits. The trouble is, by the time you have put that many hits on the bat it is well on it’s way to being extinct. By rolling your bat you can enjoy the bat’s maximum potential from the very first swing without putting all the wear and tear on it.

The bat is placed between two rollers and then pressure is applied so that as the bat passes through the rollers the bat’s fibers are stretched out. This causes the fibers to become more flexible which greatly improves the bat’s trampoline effect when the ball hits it resulting in increased batted ball speed and distance. It will make the sweet spot bigger and much more consistent as well.

Illegal? YOU BETCHA!! The process will also void any manufacturers warranty and is easily detected so tread carefully grasshopper!!

Sports Connection Brings Marucci To The Hat!

Well it’s official. Sports Connection has been selected to be one of two retailers in all of Canada to sell Marucci Bats. Whats Marucci? Ask the over 300 MLB players that swing em for a living. Players such as Albert Pujols, Chase Utley and Vernon Wells. Stock will be arriving last week of March. Order yours today!

What You Need To Know Before You Shop For Your Gear This Spring!

While working in a premier sporting goods store is an amazing way to earn a living, many people don’t realize just how difficult it can be to create the perfect atmosphere where, to the customer, shopping there just feels “right”.

 At Sports Connection Source for Sports, over 20 years in the business has given us the insight and experience to identify and adopt the 3 key ingredients that has made us Southern Alberta’s #1 sporting goods retailer:

  1. Service
  2. Selection
  3. Value


 We spare no expense to identify, employ and train our staff to be the most qualified  equipment fitting experts in the industry. Our corporate culture has a single minded focus on developing and nurturing relationships with our customers. It is our belief that our success is entirely dependent on satisfied customers becoming advocates/champions of Sports Connection Source for Sports.


 Our buying team travels around the country to meet with suppliers throughout the year to preview new products offered by the sporting goods industry. When you see a piece of equipment stocked on our shelves, you can be assured that it has passed through a rigorous testing process and meets the standards of excellence required by our in house purchasing experts. Over the last 20 years, our relationship with our customers has evolved to the point where they can have the peace of mind in knowing that if a piece of equipment is on our shelves, it will live up to and often exceed their expectations.


 We firmly believe in offering our products and services to our customers at a fair and equitable price. As a member of Source for Sports, our immense buying power allows us to offer big “box store” prices. However, as a locally owned resident of your community, Sports Connection Source for Sports is able to provide something in the “value” equation that can’t be found at the box stores – expertise and service. With decades of experience, we play and know the game. Our 100% guaranteed fit policy provides our customers with confidence in knowing that Sports Connection Source for Sports is Southern Alberta’s #1 sporting goods retailer!