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All-Star Brand Now Exclusively @ Sports Connection

If you’re  a catcher in Medicine Hat………… WELCOME TO THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!! Sports Connection is proud to announce we are the exclusive dealer for All-Star brand baseball gear! Here are some key facts of why this brand is so important to us.
Design Leadership
In the area of baseball protective products, All-Star’s design leadership is unsurpassed. From batter’s helmets to leg guards, All-Star holds many patents and has made numerous developments that have now become standard in the industry. Wraparound shins and triple knees on leg guards, lightweight wire masks, adjustable batter’s helmets and sternum and collarbone protection in chest protectors are just a few of the many advancements made by All-Star.

Technology and R&D
Our production facilities use the latest in manufacturing technology, including several patented manufacturing processes. All-Star invests heavily into the research and development of new products as well as the processes required to manufacture them.

Quality and Value
These are prime concerns of the retailer and consumer alike. With a defective rate of less then 1/10th of 1%, you can rest assured that once a customer buys an All-Star product the sale will be final. Our products are designed to give the retailer and the consumer the quality and value they are looking for.

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Kip Simon, Co-Founder and President of 22Fresh, started the company out of sheer necessity. The former WBL player debuted the label in 2007, with one item up to bat – a technical baseball pant. Simon created the pant to meet a specific niche amongst his baseball playing peers, who were looking for a pant with a better fit, cooler look, more comfort and of course… a little bit of sexy. The rest is history.

Having hit a home run with the peak fitting pro-fit pant, Simon’s vision didn’t end there. Running alongside the pro-fit pant was a top. Not your average top mind you, but a 22Fresh t-shirt. A tee rooted in cutting edge style, athletic appeal and fashion fit. Now a 22Fresh staple, it gave way to a fresh new line of tees, hoodies and accessories in the hottest colours, fabrics and fit for both on and off the field. The brand is grounded in up to the minute style and being ahead of the curve, with an urban cool twist that yanks it from simple sportswear to “gotta have it now” streetwear cache. The very appeal of the 22Fresh line extends beyond its connection with the freedom and excitement of a great ballgame. It represents the true spirit of the individual who considers himself unique, plugged-in and most of all Fresh when it comes to style.

22Fresh is clothing with a non-traditional edge that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its exclusive brand positioning wedges itself unapologetically between sports and lifestyle, responding to today’s overlapping target markets and broadening customer appeal. With a strong  presence and a healthy social media following, 22Fresh has grabbed the attention of the baseball super-elite in the likes of Michael Morse, Bryce Harper and Logan Morrison.

How fresh are you??



Old School Meets New School………….. The Nexus 1000! The Third Line Addition To The Bauer Skate Dynasty

BRING BACK THE OLD SCHOOL!! For the skaters that don’t like flash, sparkles, or powder puff graphics and have a cavemans foot will be EXTACTIC with the release of the Bauer Nexus 1000.  These skates have a much more traditional look, similar to the Bauer Supreme 8090

Of course, the Nexus 1000 skates will have all the top end features that you would expect from a pro line of gear. Inside the boot, you’ll notice a hydrophobic retro looking tan clarino liner. This liner will help wick moisture and keep your skates dry. The ultra thick pro felt tongue will and increase comfort and reduce the chance of lace bite with molded metatarsal guard.

On the outside of the boot, you’re going to have an ultra light quarter package which Bauer says “provides the player with an ‘easy load’ on every stride for efficient energy

The inspiration from the Nexus 1000 comes from the Bauer 8090

transfer and fast acceleration.” Going beneath the boot, the Bauer Nexus 1000 will feature the Tuuk Lightspeed 2 holder, along with a Tuuk LS Fusion blade (27% lighter than the LS2), both of which are considered by many to be the best on the market.

As far as fit goes on the Nexus 1000, you can expect a wider boot than the Supreme line, and it looks like its going to provide a more depth in both in the instep and the throat. Bauer is describing their fit as a “deep V” heel fit which “locks the player’s heel in place to ensure the skate reacts to the player’s every movement the way they intend.”


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Protection Of The Future With The Style Of The Past! Bauer RE-AKT Helmet Has It All

Bauer Hockey has unveiled the Bauer RE-AKT helmet. The first hockey helmet specifically designed to help manage rotational impacts, the Bauer RE-AKT helmet features a true, free-floating suspension liner that moves independently from the VERTEX FOAM liner (see below), which helps protect the brain from excessive intra-cranial movement. The new elite helmet also features a two-piece shell design and central tool-free adjustment to ensure proper fit, which is the most important aspect in protecting players of all levels.

The Bauer RE-AKT two piece shell also allows adjustments to fit different head shapes. The vents on the helmet were placed strategically for increased air flow, helping to keep your head at an optimal temperature throughout game play. To help keep your head locked in place, Bauer has used the occipital lock 3.0 adjustment feature, located in the back inside portion of the helmet. The occipital lock also helps to ensure a great fit.

To touch more on the liner. Bauer RE-AKT helmet features a vertex foam liner. The vertex foam is much lighter than the EPP foams typically used in helmets, but offers improved impact management. To help with comfort, as well as protection, Bauer has placed memory foam pads along the temples. This will provide a more custom fit for your head, as well as increasing comfort as you wear it.

The new RE-AKT helmet will also feature MICROBAN antibacterial protection. This is going to help keep your helmet smelling fresher for a longer period of time, and is also going to make it resistant to bacteria and mildew growth (bacteria eats away the glue and foams). Things like odor and bacteria protection are becoming increasingly important for the consumer, and Bauer is keeping up with demand by implementing antibacterial protection on several of its new products this year.

Bauer has moved the size adjustments from the sides to the back making this a more narrow, streamlined look





In terms of design, the RE-AKT was inspired by the classic 4500 helmet, but was updated to have a more modern appeal not to mention upgraded protection.  A majority of NHL player still wear the 4500 to this day due to its look rather than protection.


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Bauer Scores Again With Supreme Total One NXG!!

Two years ago Bauer released the Bauer Supreme Total One line.  This was a HUGE success. Why change a good thing right? That’s why Bauer hasn’t changed anything……. they’ve IMPROVED the near perfect. The new Total One NXG (or Next Generation) has a few upgrades to make this skate the MACK DADDY of the Supreme line. Improvements include;

1. The NEW Curv 3 flex tongue. The composite tongue insert has been made wider with flex breaks on the side for maximum springboard effect when taking your stride. As you flex forward the skate responds and lets you spring back. It also reduces lacebite and provides 100% comfort.

2. The outer shell has some beefed up hits to improve durability (mainly on the heel and toe)

3. A new flex zone tendon guard has be added  to maximize skaters potential byopening up the stride and provide maximum leg extension and range of motion by 5 degrees. The new tendon guard also reduces the weight by using new patented technology.




1) Total Edge Comfort- Upper padding on the throat of the skate reduces the risk of abrasions and discomfort.

2) Tuuk LS Fusion Blade- The ultra lite, and amplified feel of this steel fuses aluminum and steel together to reduce weight 27%

3) Anaform CURV composite material combined with Thermoforming = A true 360 degree fit.


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Why Shop With Us? It’s About Trust!

Matt talks a bit about our take on trust and building a relationship with our customer. It’s not about making sales and squeezing money out of our customers. Its about providing exceptional customer service and finding the right product for the right person and not focusing on the $$$. Bottom line……. WE CARE!


Easton Turns Winter Classic Into Winter ClasSICK!! By Debuting The New MAKO…..

If you didn’t notice while watching the Winter Classic in Philly this year, Easton dominated the rink in the stick dept this year. The main stars of the games were the Easton Stealth RS and the debut of NEW Easton MAKO. The Mako is a new addition to the Eastonfamily that is in it’s testing phase right now and should  be on our shelves for the 2012 season.  Here’s a few stats about Easton’s impact;

New Blue Jays Jerseys Designed By Sports Connection World Famous!!

Obviously a successful team is a result of hard work, dedication, hours and hours of training and dicipline. Some us have the drive in us, and some love the couch and like being the weekend warrior. Regardless of what team you’re on we can all LOOK pro!

Sports Connection sat down with Shane Dirk and to talk about his team. He came in with an idea and with the help of Sports Connection and Jango that idea became one of the most talked about jerseys on the internet thanks to a Twitter photo from Jesse Unrath. (  The Element Blue Jays have the HOTTEST jersey in sport right now because of the upcoming design of the new Toronto Blue Jays jersey (which will look suprisingly similar to the Element Blue Jays)

Not only can we make you look like pro’s but the pro’s will want to look like YOU!! If you have an idea in your head we’ll make it a reality. Come in and talk to one of the Matt’s and we can discuss design options for you and your team and help you create your own franchise. Good or bad, pro or beer league, everyone wants to wear a jersey they can have bragging rights with. For more info contact us and or visit 




The Reebok A.I 9……………. What Kind OF New Technology Does Reebok Bring To The One Piece Table?


Reebok just released their latest and comst technological stick to date, the Ai9 hockey stick.

The Reebok Ai9 stick has some interesting new technology incorporated into it as well. The front of the shaft will actually be two times stiffer than the backside. For example, if you are a right-handed shot, the part of the stick which faces the net as you shoot will be stiffer. This will result in a quicker snap and recoil when taking shots.

In terms of blade technology, the new Reebok Ai9 will feature a pure fiber blade that is actually the lightest blade ever made by Reebok/CCM. In fact, the Reebok Ai9 blade will be 10 grams lighter. The decreased weight will, of course, change the balance point of the stick. The blade also features a cool multi-texture look where you can actually see the pure fiber weave.

The Reebok Ai9 stick has a great look to it and is loaded with bar deezy technology. It will, of course, come in a grip or matte finish. The corners will also have a bit of a textile feel to it for added control and grip

Check out the video below for more info from Matt Brassard