HEADZONE!!! Concussion Prevention……………………. IT’S A NO BRAINER!!!!

We have partnered with Keith Primeau, former captain of the Philadelphia Flyers and co-founder of Stopconcussions.com to bring awareness to the issue of concussions in sports and help educate the hockey community.   As part of our initiative with stopconcussions.com we are launching THE HEADZONE and Helmet Fitting Week at over 150 Source For Sports® stores across Canada September 26th to October 2nd.


Every day is helmet fitting day however we are encouraging every hockey player and their parents to bring their hockey helmet to Sports Connection Source for Sports® during Helmet fitting Week so we can check the helmet for proper fit and to make sure it properly protects.


We don’t care where you bought the helmet.  All we care about is that the helmet fits right and offers maximum protection.  We will check the condition of your helmet and cage as well as assess the fit, replacing any necessary parts all at NO COST to you. 


We look forward to seeing you during helmet fitting week at Sports Connection Source for Sports®, because if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t protect.